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The History of the 
Antrim Lodge

Established in 1890, the Antrim Lodge consistently has been an important fixture in Sullivan County, attracting people from all over to the mountains and streams of the Catskills. The Antrim began as a boarding house where couples and sportsmen would come to stay to explore the local area and enjoy a relaxing weekend with good food and good company. As it grew in popularity, it became the inn of choice for visitors to the area.

The restaurant, and particularly the bar, also became very popular with visitors and local residents alike, especially fishermen, and soon became the meeting place for people after a day on the streams. As Ed Van Putt writes in The Beaverkill: the History of a River and Its People: 

"Frank Keener owned the Antrim Lodge, a fisherman's hotel, which enjoyed a valued relationship with angling writers, who would visit the bar and mix with the colorful characters who fished the Beaverkill. The bar, with the mounted trout lining the adjoining walls, became known as "Keener's Pool". This is understandable as it was a famous watering hole for anglers who often stood three and four deep waiting for a drink to take away the river's chill. At the bar, stories were told of fish caught and lost, and big trout tended to increase in size in proportion to the number of drinks consumed. And it was part of local lore that some of the biggest trout ever taken from the Beaverkill came out of Keener's Pool."
Soon, in the Antrim was born the legendary two-headed trout, the Beamoc, who couldn't decide whether to swim towards the Beaverkill or the Willowemoc after their confluence at Junction Pool. Similarly, anglers enjoyed debating which was the better stream.

In celebration of the outdoor tradition of the area, especially its angling, the Two Headed Trout Dinner was initiated at the Antrim. On the Saturday nearest opening day of fishing season, April 1st, the Dinner is held to celebrate the start of the fishing and Summer season. It was held each year at the Antrim until the Antrim closed its doors in 1993.

In 2004, the Antrim began a complete refurbishment to restore the building to its glory. The renovation plans respect the history of the Antrim but modernize it with contemporary necessities such as private baths in each room,  internet access, in-room television and in-room voice mail, Nevertheless, the Antrim will stay true to its roots as a traditional inn with a restaurant and bar. It promises to be a fine venue for anyone to come and enjoy time in the country whether it be for angling, hiking, canoeing, horseriding, biking, engaging in other outdoor activities or sitting by the fire reading a book. Offering excellent food, warm service and a great environment, the Antrim will soon be the perfect getaway.


The Antrim Lodge
89 Highland Avenue / P.O. Box 802
Roscoe, New York  12776


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