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The Antrim Lodge
In The News

As many of you may know, in 2004 the Antrim began a complete bottom to top renovation to restore the famous building. Initially, the renovations were scheduled to allow for a reopening of the Lodge in 2005. The building, however, suffered flood damage when severe storms hit Sullivan County in September of 2004 and then again in April 2005.

It has taken the summer to identify and design significant changes to the building to minimize the effects of any future floods and to insure that the renovations can continue without further delay. Given the current construction schedule, the projected date for a full reopening of the Antrim is the Spring of 2007.

We thank all of you who have expressed an interest in the Antrim. We have enlisted William Snell of the restaurants Lulu and Cocette in Brooklyn to head our kitchen. The architect for the project is Joe Irace, and Carl Allison is the general contractor. The interior is being designed by the firm of Dennis Wedlick Architect LLC and Victoria Lesser, a local interior designer with over 20 years experience and various celebrity clients.

We are striving to make the Antrim the premier location for quality food, full service lodging and convenience in Sullivan County. We promise that the new, old Antrim will be worth the wait.
  • In the Catskills, the Ties That Bind 
    New York Times, 4/9/04

    The Catskill past is secure, but some are wondering where the next generation of fly tiers and anglers is, and who will perpetuate the Catskill legends. One sign, perhaps, of the continuing appeal of Roscoe is the planned reopening two years from now of the Antrim Lodge. FULL STORY >>>
  • New Angle for the Antrim
    The Towne Crier, 4/21/04

    Call it the hotel restoration project that won't die. The resurrection of the Antrim Lodge fly fishing mecca and old time watering hole is still in the works. FULL STORY >>>



The Antrim Lodge
89 Highland Avenue / P.O. Box 802
Roscoe, New York  12776


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